You Are My I Love You Reader Reviews

Before my husband left for Iraq, I was thinking of a little something our one-year-old could get him. I found this book, and inked her handprint inside the cover. This book described all the things they do together, all the things he’d miss while away. It was more than perfect!” Jai S, Quantico, VA

God as a loving Father.  This book shares the kind of message that, as a father, I want my children to hear, and it also reminds me of the kind of father I strive to become. I recommend this book for those who want to fill their child’s heart with a message of love and affirmation, and for those who want a good picture of what it means to enjoy your child. It doesn’t hurt that this book communicates a message of love and acceptance that really reminds me of God as a loving Father.  A. Jefferson, Denver, CO

Not just about parent/child love.  I bought this book several years ago when Daniel Pinkwater reviewed it on Public Radio. It perfectly describes a relationship between parent and child, where the parent is the stable rock the child craves, the child the ingenuous spirit the adult has lost. I don’t see it as being limited to adults and children. I have many of the same feelings about some of my adult friends.  William Sommerwerck, Renton, WA

Perfect for all kinds of families!  This beautiful book expresses the love of a parent for a child so well! And because it is not gender specific, it allows any parent and child to see themselves in the story. It works as well for alternative families as for traditional families. Appropriate for single parent families, same sex families and adoptive families. It makes a perfect welcoming gift for a new child!  K. Cabot, Byfield, MA

Perfect gift for adoption!  We received this book from my in-laws shortly after we found out we would be adopting our daughter. The first time my husband read it to her, he cried…he does not cry often at all. The first time I read it to her, I could not finish the words out loud. All the feelings we have for our daughter, all the turmoil and work it took to get her home, a flood of emotions came over each of us as we shared that special first reading with her, snuggled in our arms. We knew she was finally where she was meant to be…home. This book perfectly put into words all the things we did not know how to tell her.  S. Langlois, Wisconsin

Wonderful gift for new moms.  As a grandmother I thought that this book was a wonderful gift to my daughters. Once they became moms, they understood the representation of the mother/child relationship in this book as they could not before. It is a wonderful way to express how you feel about your children that they can now understand and they can share the book with their children.  J.T. Retired, Davis, CA

A perfect book for any relationship…Never have I cried as much as when I read this book. There I was on the floor of the local bookstore crying quietly in the corner as I read each page. If you don’t own this book, buy it. Buy it for a new mother or father, buy it for your adult child, buy it for your significant other. Everyone with a heart should own this book and identify their “I Love You.”  Ken, Milwaukee, WI

Graduation gift… This book is just the best!! I’m buying it for all the new parents I know…what a great book to include with a baby gift…..I’m also giving one to my high school senior who will be graduating in a few weeks….no matter what the child’s age….I want her to know the she is my I love you!!  Marta Roberts-Pekar, Sarasota, NY

As a writer and a mother of a preschooler, I think this book is one of the best I have ever read…This one brings me to tears every time I read it… If you have young kids, or older ones, you will find this book says it all about how you love your babies. An Author in awe…

As a pediatric nurse I am always looking for books to give to parents that promote bonding and an understanding of their children’s “wild side.” This book is fabulous in doing that. It crosses over gender and race boundaries to typify the parent-child relationship in a loving, fun way. I want to buy one for all of the families I serve.

I found this book during my son’s 5 week Neonatal Intensive Care Unit stay, and read it to him every day. It is so beautiful that I never get tired of reading it.  Elisa Price, Bend, Oregon

My precious daughter, mother of my 16-month old granddaughter, gave me this incredible book for Valentine’s Day! I’ve read it over and over, tears falling each time because the words and illustrations so perfectly reflect the love and support we give to one another and the unconditional gift of ourselves we pass on to our newest baby girl. This book is an absolute necessity in any mother’s/daughter’s library!  Donna, Denver, CO

This is the best children’s book ever. We received this book as a gift when our first child was born, and it has become our all-time favorite. If you want a book that will tie heartstrings between you and your child, emphasizing the loving bond between you, all while winding your child down for a restful night, this is the book for you. My husband and I now give this book to every new parent we know. Every new baby needs this book.  S. Osbourne, Winston-Salem, NC

I always purchase this book as a gift for mothers to be. It is a wonderful book about the special bond between a parent and child. Highly recommend!!  Cristina Dacosta, Mineola, NY

This is a must have book for every new parent/grandparent to share with their dear ones. It is beautifully and thoughtfully written with an outpouring of love and caring. The universal illustrations are memorable and endearing. This is truly a gift that will continue to keep giving. It is a solace for hearts and minds with a global appeal.  Sally A. Olaughlin, Denver, CO

I received this as a gift at the birth of my first baby- 5 years later and now pregnant with my third, I still cry every time I read this beautiful book. The older my children are, the more I “get” this book and will cherish it forever. It is SUCH a special book and I will continue to give it to all my friends who have children.  “Mom in CT,” Fairfield, CT

This book is so well written. The way the author explains the parent/child relationship is touching. Every time I read it to my daughter, chills run up my spine and tears well up in my eyes. I HIGHLY recommend this book to all parents.  Christopher Sweitzer, Lancaster, PA

My wife bought this book to read to our foster children. It has turned out to be our favorite book of all time for our kids!– J. Addison, Alvin, TX

I am currently trying to have a baby and cannot wait to read this book to my child… see for me it is a struggle to get pregnant, and this book has helped even me get through all these tough times… BUY THIS BOOK!!!   Jacki Whipple, Tennessee

As a children’s librarian, I see hundreds of books a year. This title has quickly become one of my very favorites. The text is pure poetry in its simple eloquence about parenting. I cried the first time I read it. If you are looking for a beautifully illustrated book that will tug at your heartstrings while being a delight to read aloud, this is the one.– Children’s Librarian Reader Review

I’m a grandmother who discovered this book while browsing at a local store. This is the children’s book I would have written if I could. It’s beautiful and touching. The funny thing is that it resonates as much (if not more) with parents as with their little ones.– J. Czajkowski, Stafford, VA

My husband and I were looking for our unborn baby’s FIRST BOOK. I can’t wait to read it to my child, for many years to come. I will buy many other books by this author!!!!– Jessica Vilardo, Charleston, SC