You Are My Miracle Reader Reviews

As a psychotherapist, I would wish every child would have the opportunity to inscript this message on their heart; moreover, to have someone in their life who feels this way about them. It is a precious and worthwhile book for every family. Cynthia A. Cook 

I love the books that this author and illustrator create. They are reassuring and would create a great connection when reading this one on one with a child. The comparisons are real–example: I am your decorate; you are my tangled lights.  Janet

I bought this book for my girls, they are my miracles. A beautifully written, lyrical book that my girls loved for the rhyme and I loved for the reason behind the rhyme. In the future I know the girls will understand and hopefully cherish this book more and it will become something that they pass on to their children. I can never get through a reading of it without choking up just a little…. Linda Quarne

 Precious Story! The first time I read this book (before even reading it to my son), it brought tears to my eyes. I read it a lot to him around Christmas time, and it brought back so many special memories I had growing up. The magic of Christmas and wintertime is so accurately depicted in this book, it is amazing. There are sparkles and different textures that my son (9 months old at the time) loved touching. I have bought this book for a couple of my friends as a new baby gift.  M. Holly

 Wonderful book!  My in-laws got this book for all of their grandkids one year at Christmas. My son is only two and a half, but I’ve read it to him the past two Christmas seasons and it always makes me cry. It is a beautifully written book, with words that speak to the heart. It’s nearly impossible to express in words the love that parents have for their children, but this book does a great job at doing just that. I will definitely be buying “You are My I Love You” as well.  Liz Loma, San Antonio, Texas

My son’s favorite book!  I have been reading this book to my son for two years and always cry a little bit at the last page. He loves this book. This year we made a gingerbread house inspired by the gingerbread house in the book.  Lucy Vanel, Lyons, France

Sweetest book ever!  We LOVE this book. It is super sweet. We also really love her first book- You Are My I Love You. They are two of our most favorite books. 

Maryann Cusimano is becoming a favorite author around here. Her stories are beautiful, heartfelt and really make it easy to talk about how special your child is to you in a way they can understand. This will definitely be going into our permanent collection to be read at Christmas time.   Angela

The love and bond between a parent and child is highlighted in this book. For all of the caution, care and worry a parent carries, a child brings wonder, excitement and fun. It is this contrast that is lovingly explored with a Christmas theme. The illustrations are very nicely detailed and go nicely with the text.   Dolly

 This is a beautiful picture book that brought me to tears. I read it to my 12 year old and he liked it as well..the story is of a mother expressing her love for her child. The illustrations are gorgeous.  Laura

 A really hard book to read to your child without getting weepy. Sweet and with a nice rhythm that kids enjoy.  Ryan

 I love this story its like a Hallmark card. It is all about how much a parent loves their children. I think it’s a good story to read just because it is so sweet. Tanika

 So sweet!  The perfect little Christmas “I love you.”  Emma

I really relate to the words of this book.  They are full of understanding of parental love as well as of age and youth.  The pictures are sweet too.  Chrystal

This is one of my favorite Christmas books to read to my son! The beautiful prose (especially the end) made me cry the first several times I read it. The parent is described as the steady, stable, supportive things in the poem and the child is the fun that adds the special to those things. It’s a beautiful book!  Liz