You Are My Wish Reader Reviews

“New Grandmothers love this book!  This wonderful book was given to me to celebrate my first grandchild. I ordered four copies to send as gifts to my friends who are new grandparents.”  Elizabeth Black, Denver, CO

“Brings a little tear. This book highlights the special relationship my daughter and her grammy have. A great read for them to share at bedtime. Makes me proud to be both the mommy and the daughter.”

A great gift for new grandmas! I love this book! It is so sweet and it is a quick read, the pictures are great, I can imagine reading it over and over again. I plan to give this as a gift when any of my friends become grandparents! And, the book “You are my I Love You” is awesome as well. I have bought one for my children now that they have become parents. They are just precious and I know the kids will love listening and looking at the pictures. The first book I have gotten so excited about since “Love You Forever”, and that has been over 20 year ago!”  Denver, CO

“Warm and loving!  I purchased this to send across the country to my two year old grandson for his birthday. Since I can’t be there to help him celebrate, I couldn’t think of a better way to let him know how much I wished and prayed for him to be born, and all the things I would do with him if only I lived next door. I don’t think I could have done better if I had written it myself. The story line expresses the heartfelt wishes of all grandparents. The illustrations are lighthearted and fun.”  Mama C

“Though the grandma/grandchild relationship has been explored before, this book is just abstract enough to stay fresh and new, yet sweet and simple enough for small children. ”  Alicia

“Awwww…a sweet rhyming story about the special bond between a grandmother and her grandchild. ”  Michelle

“A beautiful book about grandparent–grandchild relationship.”  Mary

“You Are My Wish” is a great “let’s cuddle up, settle down, and relax” book.  In this story, a grandmother and grandchild bear share an action-packed and fun-filled day before they cuddle up, settle down, and relax in the shade of a tree. The flow of this story makes it a great bedtime or `let’s cuddle up, settle down, and relax’ book. Some of the text might be over a young child’s head. However, the soothing, rhythmic verse and illustrations make up for any complexity. The movement, body language, and detail in Satomi Ichikawa’s illustrations enhance the lovely emotion behind the text. Ichikawa’s colorful and tender illustrations convey Maryann Cusimano Love’s message completely. The loving and fun connection between grandparent and grandchild shines through on every page. Many `read-together’ books contain text that means more to the adult than to the child. These books often evoke the loving emotion that the adult feels for the child and enhances the sharing experience. The ones with top-notch illustrations and a soothing tone that grabs a child’s attention make perfect read-together books. “You Are My Wish” is one of those books. Although, the book is worth purchasing for the illustrations alone, those illustrations would not exist without Maryann Cusimano Love’s delightful message.”  Alayne Kay Christian, Award Winning Author of Butterfly Kisses

“A beautiful picture book with watercolor illustrations by Satomi Ichikawa; the relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild in “balanced metaphors”–I am your wise face You are my new tooth smile. It is beautifully charming. I especially liked the purple shades in the grandmother’s clothing.”  Janet