You Are My Wonders Reader Reviews

May help calm school fears. Youngsters just starting or about to start preschool may be a bit apprehensive heading into a new experience, but “You Are My Wonders” may be a way to help calm their fears. Teacher welcomes her students to school. She rings the school bell and leads music time. Students show and tell and make art from blank paper. There is story time and silliness. Students play games and plant seeds, and then at the end of the day, excitedly hurry home. “You Are My Wonders” is a gentle nudge into the world of learning. Maryann Cusimano Love’s text is loving, yet simple: “I am your calm; you are my thunder. I am your wisdom; you are my wonders.” It has a calming affect as the mysteries of school unfold. Satomi Ichikawa’s artwork is at once welcoming and familiar. Much the same as playtime around the world, stuffed animals are the stand ins for children and much silliness ensues. Jessica at Cracking the Cover

Finally a Great Picture Book for Teachers to Read. I have been teaching first graders for over twenty years. I love sharing my passion for books and reading with my students. However, I have never really found a picture book that captured how I felt about my students. Wait no more…I have finally found it! Maryann Cusimano Love’s words are such beautiful poetry that are simple while deeply moving at the same time. I actually cried the first time I read it. This has become a new favorite not only of mine but of my students. They ask for this book to be read at least once a week. I can’t recommend this book highly enough, especially for teachers! Patti G.

Great gift for teachers. Our daycare has a “teacher appreciation” week each year and I always struggle to find a gift that all of the teachers can enjoy and which isn’t too high in calories.¬† I have a two year old son who loves to read and it made me think of giving this book as a gift this year… It was perfect! And the other children get to enjoy the book along with the teachers during story time. A great gift, highly recommended. Meg

Great way to start a school day. This book welcomes children into the school experience with all the best a caring teacher has to offer. Children “as wonders” speaks to the spirit of discovery at the heart of all good educators¬† TC 4 Peace

Sweet for kids & teachers alike! Ms. Love describes the best moments both kids and teachers experience in a school day. It is a lovely way to prepare children for school. Makes a great gift for your favorite teachers too! M. Learn